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Hanging pictures and hospital decore

Today I biked to Brabrand and picked up a print I had framed. It was raining some of the way home and I had to tie the picture to my bike basket (back) so needed to go really slowly. I haven't taken it out of the bubblewrap yet but I'm pretty sure I got it home unharmed.

The next issue is hanging it. It's too big for the spot on my art wall I originally wanted to place it. As I see it, I have 4 options:

  1. Hang it in that spot anyway and lived with the limited space around it and the frame being covered by my bed (I'll have to move 1 picture to make that work).
  2. Move 3 pictures to give it a little more space. The small homemade shelf I have put up would still be very close to the picture though.
  3. Rehang all of the pictures and the shelf.
  4. Hang the new print by my dinner table, a non-optimal spot and not the placement I had in mind when I bought the print.

I'm not sure there's an easy solution to this problem but I'm sure there is a way to do it where I'll get a result I will like without having to turn my wall into a piece of swiss cheese!

The one that didn't leave

CW: hospital, sick-looking patient

She wandered the halls of the hospital and she walked into the rooms of patients. The nurses and the doctors acknowledged her to the degree that was necessary. They walked around her and talked gently to her to get her out of often angry, scared, or confused patients' rooms. Every employee knew who she was but most didn't know why she was there. They had accepted her as a part of the job, almost like every other patient.

She wasn't like any other patients though. She would never be leaving the hospital, something all patients do eventually; dead or alive. She walked the halls in her hospital gown with her IV drip trailing beside her. She looked tired but would often offer a smile to those around her. During the day she looked paper-thin while during the night, she adopted a silver glow.
Most people felt a sense of pity when they saw her. She was not strong or inspiring, she wasn't a fighter. She was the remnants of a woman who once had hope. In a way she was a part of the classical hospital decore; her situation so recognizable she might be pictured next to a definition of hospital patient.
She had wandered the halls for more than a decade and would continue to do so until the hospital would eventually be torn down.


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