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Giving birth to a thesis

I've now gotten a bit of distance between me and my Master's thesis. While working on it I said I now knew that I wouldn't be able to go through a PhD.
Expanding the semester of agony to 3-4 years seemed like an endless trip through Hell.

As I'm applying for jobs I'm thinking that academia doesn't seem all that bad. With the result I got from my thesis and the grades I got during the other courses I have an actual shot at getting a PhD position. My grade average not perfect, but it's pretty good.

I know it's really not the same, but it seems like the trauma of giving birth slowly fades as well. I imagine you say "NEVER again!" when you're in it, but when the baby is born you fall in love and all the tasks that follow having a newborn replace a lot of the memory of pain and struggle. After a while, you might even begin to think about having a second child.

I think that's kind of the same feeling I have now. Maybe writing a thesis wasn't that bad? I mean, there were definitely​ some great things about it that I enjoyed. And the feeling of accomplishment afterward​ is great!

I have been asked a couple of times in ways that might indicate that it wouldn't be impossible for me to do a PhD. Knowing that other people believe I can make it through is very​ encouraging​.

The promise of a calm​ life with a 9-17 job and time for hobbies and side projects also seems tempting. There's also the thing about money (PhD positions usually don't pay as well as a normal fulltime job).

We'll see. I feel ready for some change though. I want something to happen so I can move into the next chapter of my life; whether it be in a "normal" job or a PhD position only time will tell.

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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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