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Finding a way to relax

I've talked to my "A-kasse" since I'm not a student anymore. I get 14 days from my defense until I have to declare myself unemployed. I'm gonna take about a week and then fill out the forms. I'll officially be unemployed from the 1st of July.

Until then I have a few things — small projects — I'd like to finish. On top of that I have a couple of books I'd like to read; I need to finish Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things (library book) and the classic that is 1984. I also have The Writer's Process by Anne Janzer (I've read about 1/5 of it) and William Zinsser's On Writing Well, both of which I was supposed to have read during the semester before the thesis... Better late than never, right?
On top of that, I need to finish the Sandman comics because I've borrowed them from a teacher at uni — he'd probably like them back as soon as possible. I also started reading Record of A Spaceborn Few and I got Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered in the mail a while back, but I haven't even looked in that because I need to finish some of the books before I start new ones!

It's a bit stressful, but I love reading. I just need to find a way to enjoy it instead of feeling like it's a chore. Good news is I found a green park-like​ area close to my apartment so I'll see if that can work for me. Otherwise there's the cemetery​ — it's always pretty quiet there, but I feel a bit disrespectful treating that place like a park. The couple of time I've been there I haven't seen anyone though. I'll probably try both and see what works the best for me.

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