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Expanding West

The weather was great today; 10 degrees celsius and close to no wind. I decided to go get some garden work done instead of practicing archery (I could probably have done both if I hadn't stayed in bed until 11:30).
I have a small strawberry/vegetable garden. Or right now it's just strawberries. Last year I planted half strawberries and half vegetables, but at the end of summer, the strawberries had made so many small new plants I decided to clear the vegetable half and plant strawberries.

That means I don't have any space for vegetables this yes — unless I expand. Which is what I did today. I doubled the area towards West so I once again can do half strawberries and half vegetables. It was hard work and I got tired of the repetition when I was only 1/3 way done, but I decided to finish it so tomorrow will be more fun. If boring work awaits I'm more likely to just postpone it.
I hope the weather tomorrow will be nice so I can get more done.

I feel tired now but in a good way. I've used my body for the first time in forever and it's been great!


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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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