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Endings mean​ new beginnings

Yesterday I had my Master's thesis defense (you can find the post here). I've now passed the last ECTS of my Master's degree in IT Product Design. Wild.

Today I got an email that my student apartment contract has been terminated, which means I will have to be out by the ​16th of September 2019. I had applied for a dispensation to have an extra year added, but I guess they need it for students, which is fair.

It's just a bit weird. I've spent the past 7 years on and off at two different universities. Now that's done. There's not gonna be a semester plan which determines what the majority of my time will be spent on. It doesn't feel like that long ago I went to the open house to hear about the Master's programs at SDU in Kolding, but it's been a little over 2 years. I guess time really does fly when you have a good time.

In just a couple of months, I might be unemployed and homeless OR I will have a job and live somewhere else. Or maybe a thing in between​. It's very scary, but also exciting. I guess this is the thing I've been working towards for the past 20 years of school and university?

I have no clue where I will end up. I'm ready to move to another country if that's needed. At least for a few years.

It's like I have so much freedom it's overwhelming. And I guess freedom can be measured in many ways. I will take the next few days off and after that,​ the serious job hunt begins! I'm (hopefully) gonna have a real adult job soon!!

Yes, it's scary as Hell, but I'm also very excited to see what the future holds for me.

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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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