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Eating entertainment

I am once again alone in my aunt’s house. Yesterday I discovered a hatch to the attic. I listen to a couple of true crime podcasts and sometimes people live up there so as of last night I sleep with something in front of the living room door.

Anyway, that’s off-topic​. What I really want to write about is an experience I had earlier today. My aunt doesn’t have Wi-Fi and I accidentally watch half a movie on auto-resolution on Netflix last week. That ate a bunch of my monthly 12 GB data. That means I’ve been turning off data on my phone since then. I use the guest Wi-Fi at work so I can still download podcast episodes, but I don’t listen to them too much anyway.

So, since I want to save on data, I can’t use my phone for the usual stuff; News, Facebook, Mail and Twitter. I turn it on to get an update and then off again when I’ve gotten the bare minimum. Luckily my aunt has a TV. I can’t second-screen like I’m used to though.

Well,​ today I felt an urge. It’s a ​bit like my sugar cravings, but it’s located in a different part of my body and it’s manifesting differently as well. But it’s basically, the same. My brain craves something, and I want to give it that.
I tried reading. That felt like eating oatmeal when what I want is candy. It might satisfy my hunger, but that’s actually not what I’m after. I want that kick!

In the end, I watched some TV. It helps. There are some “stupid” TV shows. They help the most. I tried with a documentary. That did nothing for me. How I Met Your Mother and 9-1-1 Is a lot better. I wish I could second-screen. That would be amazing.
I am such an addict…


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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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