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Come at me, world (with some jobs, please).

I've been looking at job postings today — specifically those at Microsoft. Back in 2016, I was on the planning team of a study trip to Silicon Valley. One of the companies we visited was Microsoft (one of the best companies we saw, in my opinion). I went back through some of the old planning files because I knew we got the contact info on one of the student/recent graduate recruiters. Turns out she got a new job in the Fall of 2017. So much for that contact!

Anyway, there are a couple of jobs I'm interested in at Microsoft. The job postings have been up since 2018 so I don't think I have to rush it, but I'd like to have sent at least two applications to them by the end of the week. One for a position in Denmark and another in Canada.

I'd love to travel and I'm very open to the opportunity to work full-time in another country. It seems a bit harder with visa and that stuff these days, especially in the states, compared to just 5 years ago. I don't really see the UK as an option, to be honest. With Brexit there are just too many unknown factors.

Another problem I've encountered is the online system for the job center. Yesterday I had to type in possible positions I'd like. It was a textbox, but I had to type at least three characters and then pick from a fixed list. I'd like a UX/UI design position, preferably within research or something that has to do with product/concept development. Project management could also be cool​ if I get some practical tasks as well or just get to work closely together with the engineering​ team. Neither of those was​ on the list. I ended up with 'Designer' and 'IT-consultant', which isn't totally off, but it's really not that accurate either.
I've got a meeting with them next week so I might bring it up there.

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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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