2 weeks ago 🥁 for day 276, 2021 with 568 words.

Challenges come in different sizes.

A couple of years ago, I adopted a poinsettia plant that had spent some time decorating an office desk. The original owner was going on Christmas holiday so there would be no one to take care of the plant for about a week. She didn't want to take it home either as that was inconvenient; it was also just a poinsettia so it probably wouldn't last that long anyway.
Well, I took it home and took care of it. I didn't expect it to survive for long as I hadn't seen poinsettia during Spring or Summer.

I still have the plant today and I'm sure it's surviving just fine. The first year I had it, I didn't do much. After that, I tried trimming it a bit. Since the first Winter, it hasn't bloomed. This year, I've trimmed it a lot and I've made a small box with a cover to limit its light exposure. I hope I can make it bloom! That would be very exciting and an achievement for me. It does require that I place it in the dark from 3 in the afternoon till 8 in the morning.
It has had one red leaf for a week or two so it seems it's capable of producing those. I hope this treatment will provoke a whole bunch of them!

Another morning, another universe

She got up in the same way as on pretty much every morning before that. She fed the cat, turned on the coffee machine, and took a shower. She brushed her teeth, put on some clothes then grabbed the travel mug and filled it with coffee. She had a breakfast bar in one hand along with the coffee and keys to her apartment in the other. Just as she was about to step out, her cat appeared. Nothing unusual in that except that her cat didn't look like her cat. It was her cat but it also wasn't. Her cat had lost its right eye as a kitten due to a really bad infection. Her cat had beautiful red and white fur.
The cat in front of her was missing the left eye and was gray and white. Except for those things, she was certain it was her cat. Shocked she quietly said the cat's name. It reacted by looking at her and let out a small meow comparable to a "Yes?" as it usually did.

She went over the past half hour in her mind. Some things had seemed... not wrong, just off? As if everything was in their place but just shifted with a centimeter. On further inspection, some of her things had different colors or slightly different sizes compared to what she remembered. Things like her toothpaste had a different name on the packaging but the same content and colors. She was scared, terrified to her core.

After a few minutes of trying to control the panic, she decided to face the world, the world she thought she had lived in for 43 years. Maybe everything would be okay. Maybe she just needed her coffee to function. She left the apartment and went out to the elevator. As she stepped in, she realized she was on the 11th floor, not the 13th she actually lived on. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Today would be a challenge, but she just had to power through.


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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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