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Books vs eBooks

I'm contemplating buying some books. Right now I need to decide if I want to buy them digitally, borrow them from the (online) library, or buy a physical copy. I like to own books so I'll probably go with one of the buy options.

A few years ago I bought a Kobo Aura eReader. It's one of the best things I've ever spent money on and I prefer to read books on it compared to physical books. There are some downsides, like not seeing the bookmark slowly make its way through the stack of pages and the fact that it is not displayed on my bookshelf.

As someone who has recently packed up all her things to put them in storage, I know how much of a burden physical books can be. I love them, but I don't want to move them. I probably won't reread the majority of them again anyway and I don't like to dogear or make notes in them.

I prefer hardcover versions of books but they're often very expensive (if they have even been published in that format) and usually the paper quality isn't the best. They're what I imagine when I think of a book though.
The digital copies are always cheaper than hardcover books. It's also a lot easier to get them; I download a preview, start reading and if I want to continue I just need to approve the purchase. No need to wait for weeks for them to arrive.

Maybe I'll decide what book to read and then look into the options I have and make a decision based on that.


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