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Book vs movie

I guess I'm one of those book snobs who will tell you that "The book was way better than the movie". That's the case most of the time in my opinion.
Tonight I watched 'Ready Player One'. It probably wasn't fair to the movie because I watched it on my iPhone 5S (very small screen) while packing and doing some dishes. I thought it would be okay because I have read the book. They had changed a lot and I lost interest within the first few minutes but decided to watch it till the end anyway. The changes seemed to be changes just because. I loved the act of reading the book, but I had some major issues with it, i.e. the transphobia and Artemis' role as a character.

I think the first movie adaptation of a book I watched was 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. I remember being a bit disappointed, especially towards the end and the tasks they had to make it though. Something in me screamed "This is not right! That's not how it happened!". This was repeated for all of the following movies.

There are movies I won't watch out of fear that they will ruin the book. One of the books I have read several times, 'The Time Traveler's Wife', has a movie adaptation I never want to watch. The book is enough. But of course, I'm curious about how badly they messed it up.

With 'The Hunger Games' I watched the movie first and then read all the books. In this case, I enjoyed both. The book seemed to be pretty much the same as the movie, just with more details and minor changes.
I don't know if that's the order it should be done in though.

I read 'Dune' back in 2012 and I didn't like it. The Danish translation was one of my dad's favorites growing up, but it just never clicked with me. I'm looking forward to the Denis Villeneuve version though. Maybe, in this case,​ I will like the movie better than the book?


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