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Book club, the first book

As I have mentioned before I am now a member of a book club! I am very excited about this and I think the book list we agreed on is great with one exception. The first book is the massive brick by the name of The Clan of the Cave Bear.
While I have no doubt this is a great book, I'm a little unsure of how well it's going to do as a book club book. We have no idea how fast we read and the majority of the group didn't want to put a page number on our next meeting so everyone is just going to read at their own speed. I fear that part of the group will be halfway done while the other has only read a few chapters.

I would have preferred a shorter book as the first one. Just to get a good start on the whole thing. I'm a slow reader so right now my eReader says it's going to take me 35 hours to finish this book. I still haven't read more than a few pages so that might change but I doubt it'll take me less than 20 hours in total. That's a lot when I'm not in the habit of practicing daily reading. I'm going to make an effort though! After I finish my writing I'll do a little end-of-the-day upkeep, take a shower, and then read for maybe an hour before going to bed.
I want this project to succeed even if I'm a little skeptical right now!


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