2 weeks ago 🥁 for day 94, 2021 with 450 words.

Appreciating the good and the bad

I had a nice evening yesterday watching the new Wonder Woman movie at my sister's place. It wasn't quite like watching movies on the big screen but I think it's the next best thing I can get these days. The movie was just okay. I'm unsure of how such big and expensive projects can still sometimes feel halfbaked but there must be a good reason. It wasn't horrible though, just not great. 6/10.

As well as movie theaters, I looked forward to the swimming pools opening up again. My back is not feeling great and it's radiating down into my butt and right leg. Usually, I would suck it up and go swimming to get all the muscles moving. I can't do that right now and I'm tired of taking painkillers. I keep doing the exercises I once got from a physiotherapist but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I want to sleep all day but that's the absolute worst thing I can do so I try to be as active as possible without overdoing it.
I'm so good at taking my healthy body for granted. I guess that's super normal but these days I'm reminded again and again to appreciate pain-free days.

Tree stuff

The tree started out small. During its first year, it struggles both with a long and hard winter and hungry deer. They ate most of the smaller branches and a bit of bark. When spring came around, it was fighting for its life. Luckily this year the pre-summer months were mild and just wet enough without making everything moist all the time.

After a couple of years, it had outgrown the initial setbacks. When it was around 10 years old a couple in love carved their initials in the tree's soft bark. A permanent scar that wouldn't actually stay forever but it would outlive the relationship of its creators.

At 25 years old, someone hung a kids' swing in one of the branches. It hung there for years and years and the rope around the branch was slowly swallowed up, as trees do.

Years later someone attempted to build a treehouse but underestimated the effort and impracticalities of such a task. This left the tree with a dozen nails after the cheap wooden boards had dissolved. These were also swallowed by the tree.

One day the tree would fall over. All its effort to conceal anything attached to it would be ignored. It would all get burned and the symbol of everlasting love, a bit of rope, and the nails wouldn't make any difference in any way. But sometimes we just do what nature tells us to do without questioning it.


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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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