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An epic adventure to SDU Print & Sign

A classmate and I went on a small trip to the SDU campus in Odense to check out the options for having our thesis printed there. My classmate's boyfriend and his brother has something they had to do in Odense as well so we were a car full of young people on a small road trip. When we got dropped off at the campus my classmate's boyfriend said: "Have fun! If I know you guys, this is exactly something you would find entertaining".

Well, first we spent about half an hour to find the place. We looked at maps and locations from the website, but ended up asking someone at the information at the library. Apparently it was OUTSIDE in another building. That was not clear from any of the maps.

When we got there we were greeted by an employee that acted like we were just annoying and in the way. It turns out they only do A4 (no customizations) within the timeframe we have. Since the week before the deadline has one holiday (Thursday) + the day after Friday and they have a seminar and is therefor closed they had to do it within two days instead of three, which was possible, but they couldn't make any promised.
To put it mildly, we were very disappointed. Sure, it's cheap, but the quality is meh and there was no guarantee we'd get it on time.

We had lunch and decided to go to the book store since we had some time to kill before we could get picked up.

It all changed again in the book store! We found some things for doing the paper binding ourselves. The university has some great tools and materials to do so apparently. We bought a metal thingy and made a test print. It seemed promising!

We made a new plan for printing; we'll get some nice paper from the design school and print it ourselves. Then we'll go to Odense and do the binding. The few days before deadline will be spent on the look and feel of the cover. I hope it workes out, but at least we'll have some room to write more now, if needed. It's really exciting and I'm looking forward to see the finished result!!


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