3 weeks ago 🥁 for day 316, 2021 with 540 words.

A post mostly about writing, I guess

Here I am again! Writing for myself and Yorick, my one reader. Hello Yorick!
I have a month and a half left and right now I'm a bit excited about that. I'm unsure if I should swap the writing habit with something else. It would be cool if I could practice writing poems. One (shitty) poem per day! That would probably take a lot longer for me than churning out 200 words for a random story... Maybe one poem per week? Nah, that feels too much like homework and I know myself enough to leave it till last minute...

I should wait and see what the result of my year of stories is. If I have around a 10% success rate then maybe it would be worth trying with poems.
Wow, I just realized that even if 90% of this year's stories are terrible, I still have enough to make a collection of stories. 30-some stories aren't a lot but it's probably enough. That's good to know!

Oh, before I forget, I had that online job interview today. It felt more like a short intro conversation than a real interview, which is great if you ask me. There's no reason to spend an hour or more with someone if the chemistry is just off or if you get the feeling the job isn't right anyway.
We talked for 30 minutes and a job I was lukewarm on is now something that sounds like an amazing opportunity! That's great but it also sucks. It's nice to have found something I find interesting but the chance I get it is slim, so now there's a bigger risk for disappointment. Hopefully, they find my eagerness to learn more important than my lack of experience because I'm so ready to get out there and kick some ass.

A favorite café

They rested the coffee cup just below their lip for a moment after taking a sip. The steaming hot coffee seemed to satisfy a physical need but emotionally they felt just as empty as before. This was their favorite café. The place they came to regularly when they wrote their first book. It was a second home of sorts. A place that held both struggles (writes' block) and successes (the email from the publisher).
But something had changed. This didn't feel like the same place anymore. They couldn't tell if they themself had changed or if something at the café had but something was different. The noise that used to take the edge of the thought clutter trying to take attention was now just a ball of loud noise. The place felt smaller too, even if none of the interior had been changed.

They took another sip. Even the coffee didn't feel the same anymore. It was still good but it was somehow a little less flavorful, a bit flatter.
This was going to be hard, they realized. This place has once been everything and now it wasn't enough. It didn't matter if it was the café or them that had changed. The magic was gone. They had to find another place. Somewhere with the right energy to write.
But first, they would mourn this café, as one does with something they love.

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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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