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A new type of birthday

When I was a kid, birthdays were the most exciting thing ever! My family woke me up in the morning and I had to pretend to be asleep when they came in to sing happy birthday. Then I got a couple of presents and we had breakfast together.

That changed when I was in 9th grade and lived at a boarding school. My family called me and the whole school did a birthday thing at breakfast, but it wasn't quite the same. That year I also had a Physics exam on my birthday. It went okay, I got a good grade, but I couldn't really relax and enjoy the say in the same way.

Later, in high school,​ I also had to deal with the exam period overlapping with my birthday. It got even worse when I moved to Aarhus and studied at the university there. Studying for exams was​ a huge task and taking a whole day to celebrate my birthday didn't seem possible — I wouldn't be able to enjoy it at all, as I would constantly think about the exam.

I guess I forgot to write this, but today is my birthday! The 27th actually. It has been a pretty "normal" day. I saw my parents during the extended weekend so I got the present from my parents and grandma that day.
That's something that changes as well. The amount​ of presents. I'm not ungrateful or anything, I honestly don't care that much. I get one from my parents, one from my grandma (usually a card with money) and a card in the mail from my aunt (I can't remember if she still sends money).
I've spent the day sleeping in and then I went to the university to have lunch with a friend. I've spent some time trying to get started on my thesis defense. I'll go hang out with a friend this evening, but there's not a ​huge celebration planned. It feels much like any other day.

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