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A deal and a wandering man

During the weekend my dad and I had a deal. He would get in bed before midnight and I would get up and go for a walk/run before noon. Later in the day, we checked in to see if the other had upheld their part of the deal. Neither of us has been perfect but I managed to go for a run both days but it was a little after noon when I left my apartment. My dad was in bed 20 past midnight on Friday and 1.10AM on Saturday. Today he was in bed by 10PM which was the updated deal for nights before work. That's pretty good.

I think accountability is important. If we didn't have the check-in later in the day, I probably would have postponed my exercise until the day was gone. I argued with myself to perhaps push it to the afternoon when the sun wasn't as harsh but I knew I might end up not doing it. Leaving at noon was better than not at all.
Hopefully I can get out there earlier tomorrow because this weekend I felt the need to tape on a face mask to avoid as much pollen as possible. It's not super comfortable so getting out there before the "pollen wakes up" would be preferable. We'll see!

Being around people in his own way

He walked around slowly on the busy streets. He liked it here, in the big city. There was life around him but he didn't have to engage in any kind of interaction with anyone. Occasionally he partook in small talk with a barista or one of the people who do important but often overlooked work in a city, like cleaning storefront windows or emptying trash cans. This wandering and observing allowed him to be in the world of his own mind while never being alone.
He liked to make up stories about the people he saw. Just thinking about why they might be there at that time and where they might be headed to; both right now and in life. One might say it was rather sad how he spent so much time occupied with other people's goals and motivations when no one rarely noticed him. But it was not. At least not if you had asked him.
He liked it this way. He was there to hold doors or support an elderly person, he didn't want any attention for his good deeds. He did those because he wanted to. He was like a small act of kindness to a city in desperate need. He didn't make a big difference in the grand scheme of things but he did make a difference.
No matter the season, you could find him wandering. He was a part of the city until one day he wasn't.


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