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A day of nothing and a plan for party

I have done absolutely nothing today and it's been great! Well, I ran the dishwasher, baked cinnamon rolls (just some premade ones that needed minimal prepping) and I made the dinner I had thought about for a couple of days but didn't have the energy to make.
I slept in for as long as I wanted and I think that was a good call. It is my vacation after all! I might have "wasted" a whole day doing nothing but I told myself that was okay so it was nice.
I'm also close to being done with 'Squid Game'. I'm not a fan of the show but it seems like I'm one of the few. I'll write a bit about my thoughts when I've seen the conclusion to the whole thing.

I'm considering looking into job opportunities within the fight against Covid-19. Every day we have a higher amount of positive tests. I know I physically can't do the testing but there might be a position that supports either testing or vaccination in some way. It also has to be in Aarhus and not Copenhagen. That's something I can look more into tomorrow.
Tonight I have a headache (or is it a migraine?) I would like to sleep from, but first a short story.

Let's party

The course is set for the C65M system because rumor has it that's where things will go down tonight. The four crew members of a space touring ship by the name of Velvet Longing getting ready to make the jump.
"How long will it take from the jump zone down to the official party zone?" Exoq asks impatiently. Neenlan tabs the controls and enhances the flight times "About 4 hours. You will have plenty of time to get over your jump sickness and get into your party clothes."

"Perfect" Exoq says while strapping in for the jump.
"Our contact has just confirmed. We got the tickets for the VIP concert. The price went up a few Orleengs but the Hype says this will be the place to be this cycle," the Twins say in unison.

Neenlan counts down "8... 7... get ready! We jump in 3... 2... 1!" The whole crew squeals with joy and anticipation as the ship makes the jump.

The Velvet Longing reaches the jump zone but encounters nothing but debris. All alarms begin blasting and the whole crew looks in disbelief at what was supposed to be a whole planet system but now looks to be a former planet system.

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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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