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The end of the year is getting closer

I got a text this evening that swimming tomorrow has been canceled due to miscommunication. That takes the pressure off me because I did consider going. Since it's almost midnight and I have to get up at 5:45AM at the latest to make it, it seems unlikely I would have actually gone. But we'll never know now because it got canceled!

Just a few minutes ago I realized that I'll soon only have one month left to finish the books I'm currently reading and thereby reach my 2021 reading goal. It's 4 books in total but one is at 50% and could be finished in a few hours and another is at 34% and can be read in a day or two.
It means I'll need to dedicate some time to reading. I don't mind that but currently, those things are a challenge.

UH! I just realized right now that I only have 5 weeks of writing left to do! That is exciting! I've enjoyed writing (at times) and it's gonna feel so weird (I think) on the 1st of January 2022 when I make it through the whole day without doing my "homework". Hopefully, it's gonna be a good feeling too. 3 years of posting every day is a pretty neat accomplishment.

Sidenote: I hope that export function gets fixed soon because I'm itching to go through my stories to pick the best ones! I want to know how many are good enough for my mini-collection.

X-ray images

Jerry had worked airport security for two decades by now and he had seen a little bit of everything go through the X-ray machine. He knew what shampoo bottles looked like when they contained shampoo and when they contained drugs, he could pick out a carefully packed suitcase in a lineup of carefully packed suitcases. He had seen all kinds of dead animals, weapons and sex toys.

On Tuesday the 23rd of November 2021 he saw something he had never seen before. Just after his lunch break, one of his colleagues sent some luggage through the machine that made his eyes go big, then narrow followed by some blinking.
It looked like a big box with a mass in the middle and a bunch of wires attached to what was possibly a battery. Jerry hit the alarm button and his colleagues were informed. Tanya came over to help inspect the luggage. It was wrapped in black plastic wrap with a hole for what looked and sounded like a fan. Something in the thing was not supposed to overheat.
In an airport, there are a few words you shouldn't say. 'Bomb' is one of those words. The days before Thanksgiving were some of the busiest and an attack that day would affect a lot of people.
Tanya and Jerry looked at each other and agreed that this was above their paygrade. The right people for those tasks were called over.
The piece of luggage was taken to another location for further inspection and the whole flight delayed.

Jerry continued doing his job for the rest of the day and tried not to think too much about the "Thanksgiving bomb".
Not long before his shift ended, a colleague came over looking like she had just heard the world's greatest joke. She told him that what he had dealt with earlier that day, had been a big puzzle to them all. No one wants to be too rough when inspecting what might be a bomb so it took a good long while to figure out. It wasn't a bomb though. It was a turkey in a battery-driven cooler!
For Jerry, that wasn't the first or the last bomb scare, but it was his first and last ever turkey in a cooler.

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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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