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I am spying on me (Amazon is too)

Yesterday I had a fun/weird/slightly scary experience. I was messaging with my friend who's apartment I'm in. He's currently in the States.
He sent me a message with something along the lines of "You've started watching The Witcher, I see?" and my first thought was "How does he know that?!". I ran over the possibilities and asked him he knew that because he had looked at my Netflix profile history. He said no, that I had sent him a snap earlier about it. I did remember doing so after he mentioned it [insert facepalm].

Of course, he wasn't snooping in my things, but to me, my Netflix history seemed like the most plausible thing! He does have an Alexa and a few smart home things and while I'm certain they are definitely spying on everyone/everything, I couldn't see how he would have access to that. And we have logged into my Netflix account from his laptop and he probably brought that with him sooo...?

I don't like the smart home stuff. I dislike that everything is now online. One thing is that it all depends on wifi and internet access, but I really don't like how most companies seem to think of features first while privacy and security are an afterthought (if they are thought of at all).

I don't trust that Alaxa thing in the kitchen for one second. Not that I'm that interesting. I sing badly and sometimes talk to myself. But that's not the point. The point is that I'm feeling watched/listened to ALL THE TIME and that's really not a great feeling. If you don't have privacy in your own home (or the home of someone else), then where is your safe space? Did we just give that away to the big companies in exchange for voice-controlled light? Seriously?


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