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Different kinds of services

So yesterday I signed up for another streaming service. I definitely don't need it but I fell for an offer on the subscription. HBO Max has launched in Denmark and new customers get 50% off for the rest of their life, as long as they don't cancel at any point. 39.5DKK for HBO Max is a pretty good price even if they don't have the full catalog of content yet.
I already have Netflix and Apple TV+ (with a nice Library collection of great movies). I don't need another streaming service but here we are!

This also means the total price I pay for access to these services reaches the full Adobe CC subscription level. I have considered if that's really necessary with the amount I use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. The conclusion was that I'd rather pay and have access than have to find and learn alternatives. The classic "throw money at the problem to make it go away" solution.
I do find it weird that having access to Netflix, Apple TV+/Apple Music and now HBO Max does not trigger the same need for consideration. Well, they are all monthly subscriptions so they fall under the café latte effect*. I mainly have access to Apple TV+ because I've had an Apple Music subscription for years. I don't want to be without that subscription; I need music in my life. Could I cut out the TV+ and Arcade part of the subscription, sure, I could (and probably should when Foundation is done).

I don't know, these things are hard! I guess there are "comfortable to have" and "nice to have". Adobe CC, Apple Music, and Netflix are comfortable to have. Apple TV+ and HBO Max are nice to have. All the small things do add up though.
At least I don't have to pay for WriteTogether in 2022, I guess? There's one monthly subscription gone.

*I ended up looking that one up and it turns out to be a myth when looking at the BIG picture.

Hard world, soft humans

They swallowed another pill. Just one more round and then they would be done. Last one, promise! They opened the app, transferred the money, and knocked on the door. A gentle voice told them to enter. The room was dimly lit and smelled like a late summer evening. On the edge of the bed sat a woman. She had long hair and big almost glowing eyes. She was completely naked. She asked what they needed and they explained that they just needed an orgasm so they could relax after a long week. She saw straight through them; customers who took XO must have been a regular occurrence. She said she would do an exception even if the rules forbode users of any kind to enter these chambers.

She walked over and started to undress them. Gentle kisses followed the removal of clothes. They started to relax. She pulled them to the bed and soon everything was warm lips and soft skin. Two bodies moving like one. They got lost in the touches and finally had a moment of quiet; the thoughts of the war on Europa got pushed aside, the endless loss of friends and family were gone, money trouble didn't exist here, not right now.
They reached climax and the XO tripled the effect and made it last at least twice as long. Nothing else existed other than the two of them. Just as they wanted it.

15 minutes later they were on their way to the sleep pods. They couldn't help but cry a little as the XO was wearing off. The real world felt cold and harsh. It didn't have to be this way. That night they finally got some dreamless sleep.

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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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