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Merry Christmas! It’s the 24th of December here so it’s Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day of the year. Tomorrow, the 25th, is more of an anticlimactic eat risalamande for breakfast (and after lunch and for dessert), but it seems age has made that easier to deal with. I got 5 presents this year (4 from my parents and 1 from my grandmother). It seems presents have lost their magic. It’s not the same today as it was 25 years ago. I still had a good evening and I’m not complaining about the presents themselves, but the whole evening has lost that anticipation that was almost unbearable.
I’m not sure I mind that much though. I got the fountain pen (Lamy Safari in black with extra ink) I really wanted and the rest just make life sweeter. Uh but speaking of a lack of magic, we had a white Christmas this year! It’s not a common thing here but it does happen. It was nice. Well, I didn’t think too much about it after sunset but before then it was nice and fairytale-like out there in the cold while we were drinking hot chocolate inside.

##### Love letters

8 letters was as far as they got. 8 handwritten letters sent across the borders of their home country to the other one who sat longingly and waited for a reply. The 8th letter seemed to make a natural stop for the exchange. It didn’t ask any questions and only answered a single one.
For half a year those letters had kept them both going. The anticipation, the creative literary challenge and the ritual of sending it off filled day after day. They lived for it. Then the energy was spent. Things were done and the feelings that had burned so passionately earlier were gone.

They both began correspondents with other people and soon their exchange was forgotten. They kept the letters though but they didn’t have the ones they wrote, only the ones in reply to their words. At the time it had meant everything but time and human nature erased it all. They both ended up with someone they loved as deeply as they had felt their love for each other. Time changed and letter writing fell out of fashion. Things were different back then. A letter seemed like a major thing compared to a handful of bits sent across some fiber cables.

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