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I think it's so weird there aren't more days left in this year! Usually, I don't think too much about it because I'm busy with exams or in the case of last year, work. But with this countdown here and the things I want to do before the 31st becomes the 1st, these days seem very numbered.

A new year seems to bring another round of positivity. Like, the whole New Year, New Me idea. I'm not sure I buy it, you can start today or tomorrow if today seems like it's a little too much.
That said, I don't think I'm totally free of the idea. A new year does seem like a new kind of beginning even if it's all just a calendar thing. I don't really do new years resolutions. I've kept this writing habit going for almost 3 years but I think the 1st of January 2019 just seemed like a good day to begin? 31st of December 2021 seems like a good place to end it (also because this site is practically a ghost site haunted by a small handful of users).

But there are 6 full days left of 2021 and I want to reach my Goodreads goal so at least a couple will be spent reading and I'm really looking forward to that!

When you make an argument without using words

He had come up with 7 reasons for why they should get divorced. It had taken him 4 months from when the thought had first occurred to him till today where he had his whole speech ready. It wasn't going to be pretty but he knew in his heart it had to be done.
Since they lived together and had Bells the cat, things were extra complicated but he had his reasons and she would understand. He had chosen Thursday to do it because then she had Friday at work to think it through and make a plan on how to move out that weekend.

At 17:08 she parked the car in the garage and entered the house. She hung her jacket and put her bag on the chair by the dining table then she called his name. He could barely look at her or even breathe.
"We need to talk," she said. "You've been weird for months and have refused to talk to me. I can't deal anymore. I want to help us get through this but you're resisting to the point where it's impossible. I can't see how this is going to work out and I think we should get a divorce." He looked at her unable to say anything other than "Okay...?"
"Great," she continued. "I'm going to pack a bag and be with Ninna until Sunday evening. You should be able to move most of your things by then. Just take everything that's yours. If you're in doubt, send me a message. Bells stays here with me."
She rushed off to the bedroom and he just stood there with all his reasons prepared. And just like that, he was going to get divorced.

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