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We set a new record for positive PCR Covid-19 tests today! Hurray for us! 16,164 new cases. and a positive percentage at a whopping 12.4 which is also a new record under mass testing.
I'm tired and I feel like isolating even more but I already see so few people it doesn't make a big difference. I can't ~~live~~ survive the next year completely alone.

Something completely different; I've started watching 'The Morning Show' again. I've been stuck on the 2nd episode of season 2 forever but today I watched another 2 episodes. It's really hard to see the portrayal of the beginning of the pandemic like this. It was the same when I watched 'The Good Doctor' and 'Superstore'. My escape from this overwhelming situation has been infected by Covid-19 too. I know why they do it — it would seem even weirder if they didn't — but I wish they wouldn't.

Okay, I'm done with writing now. I'm going to brush my teeth, take a shower, read a little, and hopefully, fall asleep before 2AM.
I am so tired you wouldn't believe it. It's like my body is slowly trying to slip into a coma without me noticing. Life is hard, I'll keep going.

Just let me be free

He had to pay 5 credit per day for the containment of a portion of his thoughts. The small device stuck to the side of his head did its job very well and every day he decided to pay the fee. A body-shaking notification reminded him each morning that he had safely stored the loss of his father, his student loans, a hostage situation at a food deposit 4 years in the past, and the humiliating date he had two weeks ago with a person so charming he wasn't able to speak properly. Every morning another 5 credit was withdrawn from his account. That choice was easy.

These days he was able to live without major issues. He got up in the morning and did the things he had to do to survive. The device enabled this but while he liked the unburdened existence, he felt like he was missing something. The device kept the specific selection of his history separate from the everyday part of his consciousness, but it also felt like he wasn't able to create new memories and experience the highs of life in the same way he used to. But one day after another he approved the fee and went on with his life. He ended up living a life without true pain nor true joy.

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By Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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