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We've made it to 3. It feels weird.
I'm writing a lot earlier today than usual because this morning I had a meeting with someone (I can't remember if he was a doctor or a psychologist) who seems to finally be able to give me a diagnosis. Nothing is official just yet but from what I've heard so far I've got depression with a bit of anxiety and a touch of obsessive thinking. That also means I have a sort of treatment plan but that will go through my own doctors with a recommendation from the clinic I went to today. Again nothing is official, but so far that plan comprises of a prescription for an SSRI and a referral to a psychologist (the recommendation is someone who deals with CBT).
It's a relief but also means more waiting. I'm exhausted from the meeting this morning which was more or less me crying for an hour.

Since I knew the rest of the day would be spent on recharging from that, I decided to get my 3. dose of Moderna! Why not, I don't even have plans for New Year's Eve and if it can prevent me from getting Covid-19 again, it seems like time well spent. I do expect to feel a bit lousy so I'm just going to read and watch Netflix all day.

No word from my date yesterday. I'm going to give him 24 hours but I think my weird is too weird for him. I don't actually have the energy to really care right now. I'll cry about it tomorrow.

The whole universe and then some

The 3 Key Stars, as the Center Galaxiests of Andromeda call them, make up the main hub for the outer galaxy community and function as a port for the neighbor galaxies. Nothing leaves or enters Andromeda without passing through here. A long time ago, before the regulations were created, a package found its way to 3KS on its journey to a young of late Jupiter-Europa heritage. The package was small, not much bigger than a tightly held fist but weighed a whole lot more than one would think.

Inside the package was a box made of gold from Earth, a rare and pure material. The young woman had made an order of radiant love on a small moon in a planet system on the edge of NGC 4214. It had cost her a fortune and many would believe she had been tricked to part from her credit but it turned out to not be so.
The package made it through 3KS without much notice as radiant love wasn't really a thing anyone had any knowledge of. The package was tagged as a rare metal item and shipped through. The package was the first of its kind and would turn out to not be the last. What no one knew in 3KS, was that the young woman had found a way to change everything by combining elements from all over the universe. Once she got started there was no way to stop her.

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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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