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When games invade real life

Technology and the real world are more and more intertwined. Gamefiying your life could be a bit creepy. What could it look like? Well, I think it'll be like this.

You'll get up in the morning to brush your teeth. And the toothbrush can sense that you're brushing your teeth. And so, hey, good job for you. Ten points for brushing your teeth. And it can measure how long, and you're supposed to brush them for three minutes, and you did a good job. You brushed your teeth for three minutes. And so, you get a bonus for that. And hey, you brushed your teeth every day this week, another bonus. All right. And who cares? The toothpaste company, the toothbrush company, the more you brush the more toothpaste you use. They have invested financial interest. You go to breakfast, there's the cornflakes. On the back, there's a little web game that you can play. While you eat, instead of reading the back, you play a game while you eat your cornflakes. And you get that. And you get ten points just for eating the cornflakes. And then it turns out you can see your list of friends who also have cornflakes, and the scores that they got, because you're wifi, and then Facebook connected and everything, and so, you know, you get five bonus points because you just beat out one of your friends at the cornflakes game. So, then you go and get on the bus. The bus? Why am I taking the bus? You're taking the bus because the government has started giving out all kinds of bonus points to people who use public transportation. And you can use these points for, for tax incentives. And while you're sitting on the bus riding to work and you're playing your little Tetris and getting a few points here and there, you suddenly remember, I had this dream last night. I had a dream that my mother was dancing with this giant Pepsi can. And then you realize, oh yeah, the REMtertainment system. Right? Which is the thing you put in your ear and it can sense when you enter REM sleep, and then it starts putting little advertisements out there to try and influence your dreams. And, then you can fill out a little form, it's a test to see if those things came through into your dreams. And if they did, then big points for you.


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By Kent de Bruin

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