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Takeaway: a case study (5 of 5)

Now that we finally had ideas that were different enough to be interesting, yet coherent enough to respond to our new problem statement, we could actually explore how these ideas would take​ ​form.

In our first prototyping attempt, we chose to prioritize the functions according to what we mainly wanted our prototype to include. We concluded that keeping the customer occupied during the waiting time was the most impactful change we could make and test. The other, less prominent aspects would be being together, uncertain wait and the urge​ ​to​ ​get​ ​started.

We chose to focus on the online page that is currently shown while the customers wait on both the website and the app. The reason for this is simply that it​ ​is​ ​the​ ​most​ ​feasible​ ​to​ ​change.

The outcome of this prototype visualization round was mainly an addition to the current waiting page which Takeaway could use to curate their customer’s waiting experience. The idea was that while waiting, the customer could choose from a selection of media (games, video or music), tailored to their waiting times. So say they were determined to watch something while waiting, this page would suggest them an episode that is exactly as long as their expected waiting time.

We quickly went to the step of visualizing this idea and photoshopped our way through prototyping it. Again, we soon came to realize that we rushed through the process and hadn’t carefully considered our choices enough. This became apparent through our feedback sessions with Anne and Andy. Through these sessions we realized that what we mainly rushed is the decision of prioritizing occupation over certainty, i.e. we were focussing on occupying the customer’s time while the customer’s main need is, in fact, to be informed of the status of their order. In fact, customers can be waiting alone or in groups, can be busy or bored, and this solution of focussing on occupying the customer would only mean that we respond to the unoccupied customers.


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