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Summary of portfolio cases (2 of 2)

Wehkamp Loops, a circular clothing platform - A circular economy case

Year: 2018 Company: Wehkamp (ADCN circular challenge) Team: Team of 3 creatives (With Piet Dijkstra and Hugo Duyvestyn) Role: Brainstorming, strategy, UX and design for the prototype.

Summary: The birth of your first child is a special occurrence, but sadly, baby products become obsolete quickly. Within two years, babies grow eight sizes, buggies become unneeded, and toys become unwanted. What a waste! Wehkamp Loops is a circular platform that offers three lease bundles for a monthly subscription fee. Future parents can lease baby clothes, room- and transportation garnishments. All supplies are part of a circulation process. Clothes are replaced by clothes one size bigger, meanwhile, the other supplies are picked-up once the lease-subscription ends. Wehkamp Loops diminishes buyer’s remorse for things that are only needed for a few weeks. Own less, do more.

Designing my own life - a design thinking case

Year: 2018/2019 Company: Myself Team: Alone Role: Researching, testing, applying and repeating.

Summary: Design goes beyond a pixel perfect user experience. I asked myself the question: Can I apply design thinking to my own life? After months of research and trying different methods I have developed a system where I can gather feedback, keep an overview of my projects and learn new things in a systematic way. It is pretty much work in progress where over time I add new things to track and review myself even better.

HobbyFinder, onboarding flow - a UX case

Year: 2019 Company: HobbyFinder Team: Research and problem solving with a team of 3 UX designers. Sitemap, wireframing and design by myself Role: Discovering the root problem of HobbyFinder. Brainstorming for a possible solution, sitemap, wireframing and design.

Summary: HobbyFinder is an app that helps users start a new hobby, discover where to find lessons, online instructional videos, pictures and more. The retention rate of HobbyFinder dropped significantly by 20%. We sought to improve the retention rate by designing a better onboarding flow. The onboarding flow should give users immediate value in the app. You want users to understand what the app is about after going through the initial onboarding. The newly designed onboarding first focuses on providing value through a filter system and short introduction of the app before asking for any signup details.

Acaboo, the future of education - a design case

Year: 2019 Company: Acaboo Team: Team of 3 founders, 1 business/sales, 1 developer, 1 design (me). In later stage of the project 3 more front end developers. Role: Co-founder & Chief Product. Did research and design of the entire project including user interviews, problem discovery, sitemaps, wireframing, prototyping, testing, graphic design, branding, and illustrations. Lead the frontend team together with the developer to build out the frontend of the website.



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