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Summary of portfolio cases (1 of 2)

Takeaway.com  - A Design Thinking Case

Year: 2017 Company: Takeaway (Hyper island design thinking case) Team: Multidisciplinary team of five Hyper Island students (1 designer, 2 business analyst, 1 UX designer, 1 data scientist) Role: Different roles throughout the process including desk research, user research, customer journey mapping, persona building, design and prototype and presenting the work. Summary: The brief was “How can we make the moment your food gets delivered even more special? But after extensive desk and field research, building personas and customer journey mapping we defined a different problem: ‘People hate waiting for the food’. But restructuring the logistics is really hard, so that’s why we reframed the problem to ‘waiting for food isn’t enjoyable’. In a similar case, designers made elevators ‘faster’ by simply adding mirrors and music to make the perceived waiting time feel shorter. In our case, we build a waiting experience for people who are waiting for their food. We built out a prototype and presented our process at the HQ of Takeaway.com.

Able, a modular crypto dashboard — product case study

Year: 2017/2018 Company: Able Team: Team of 2 founders, UX designer, graphic designer, frontend developer and backend developer. Role: Co-founder & head of product. Responsible for the product from the first sketches all the way to production and testing.

Summary: Crypto was hot at the end of 2017. Millions of people were investing in cryptocurrencies. Yet most new users lacked the technical and financial knowledge to make rational decisions on these investments. Without proper tools and understanding of the space, new users were doomed to end up losing money. Professional investors raise the probability of good returns by following specific steps. How can we create an environment so retail investors can do the same? Able gives retail crypto investors the tools to invest like a pro. It’s an intuitive crypto portfolio application for retail investors. It offers a suite of tools within a clean dashboard that makes it easy to analyze your portfolio, research new opportunities, and organize your investment work.

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