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Strava for X

Staying in the topic of Strava. My ideas are related to the idea of Strava for X, first coined by Dan Romero in a tweet:

As Dan Romero explains the idea of Strava has some powerful characteristics. The only way to contribute to the network is by starting a run. You can't contribute if you don't also put in exercise time. The platform thus enforces positive behavior through its social network.

This makes activity the proof-of-work mechanism (see also Julian Lehr's ideas on Proof of X mechanisms). Behavior like fitness is easy to track since there are common axes like distance and pace to compare on. But how do you track things that are simply not trackable like learning a new language? As explained above does reframing a goal to something that is actionable, continuous and trackable increase the changes of reaching that goal in the first place. Instead the app should focus on the days that you showed up. How many days did you keep your Duolingo streak alive for example. The social nature of a goal setting platform would further increase a sense of accountability, community and agency.

On a different note...

Technology that advices you

Positive technology is important. We just came from ten years where we threw all humane principles out of the window. We have the smartest minds in the world working on ways to addict us. But there has been a gentle turnaround in the last two years. The introduction of Screen Time by Apple and Google is an admission of 'we screwed up'. And after Nir Eyal's first book "Hooked - How to Build Habit-Forming Products", his second book was a direct counter argument called "Indistractable - How to Control Your Attention" We will enter the age of Calm Technology (Something I will write about later this year).

I'm looking for technology that gently pushes me in the right direction.


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