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Some Random Points for Life

Random thoughts of today


De last few months were focused on creation. I am coming to the conclusion that creation is my main driver in life. It is the perfect way to show and express yourself. It is all about leaving a legacy. Creation doesn’t happen overnight. You have to take in the reps. Just work your creative muscle from day to day and create stuff. It’s only by making stuff repeatedly that you get better. Creation can take many forms. Video’s, photography, writing, drawing, designing. Just do something daily


Go to more weird stuff. Through meetup, you can find so many weird itineraries. The serendipities that come from that are so valuable. The options are endless. From weird board game meetups to more business-focused get-togethers. Go take a street photography class or dip your toe into a new topic. It is the act of doing weird stuff in your own city that makes it special. Yesterday I went to a writer meetup called Shut Up and Write. Just 8 people sitting at a table writing together. It was super super cool.


Exploring the power of having less stuff. It’s quality over quantity any day for me. You gotta think utility. I rather have one item with multiple purposes such as a good pair of trainers that I can use as running shoes and can also wear to a party. Start with clothing and just throw away the stuff you are not really wearing. Work your way up by only buying stuff that you actually really like.

Surprise people:

Just show your love in weird ways. Give a present at odd times, explore a friendship by showing up at a random time during the day. Call people instead of messaging them. It’s more spontaneous and you can get so much more out of a conversation if you call. You will go beyond the normal stuff and ask deeper questions from start.


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