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Planning in life

Doing is daily, planning is longterm. It is important to look ahead. A couple of years ago I read the book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' from Sean Covey. The second habit of the book is "Begin with the end in mind". Covey makes the distinction between mental first creation and the physical second creation. If you don't first envision what you want to achieve it will be hard to reach it. But planning happens on different wavelengths. You have to plan daily. What am I going to eat today? At what time starts tennis training? Should I plan that meeting in the morning or the afternoon?

But with this kind of planning, you will never be able to envision long-term goals. People will get sucked up in the daily grind without ever properly guessing if they are taking the right route.

One of my mantras is 'Direction over Speed'. Why? If you’re pointed in the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter how fast you’re traveling. Inversely, if you’re locked on to your desired destination, all progress is positive, no matter how slow you’re going. You’ll reach your goal eventually.

So take a little time to plan your life every now and then. Plan out that map, trust the process and you will eventually reach your goals.

Annual review: 3 years ago I came across planning your year for the first time. Back then I made a small list of some things I would like to achieve. It turned out to be powerful. A year-end review is like a little guidebook you always bring with you. It is the perfect way to analyze all the facets. I ask myself a couple of questions:

What did I do last year? What went well and what didn't? What am I working toward? How am I going to achieve new things?

Because I already have the area and projects structure it is very easy to just check in every area what you have done and what you planned on doing.

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By Kent de Bruin

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