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Pitch ASIF: Acaboo

Tomorrow I have to pitch at a startup event here in Amsterdam. It's going to be the first time that I will 'perform' in front of a bigger audience and I am both nervous and really excited. Today I practiced my pitch for some friends and they already gave valuable feedback. Maybe someone here on the platform can also contribute. The pitch will be 3 minutes only. Let me know what you think:


Whoever faced the problem of procrastination? Let’s be honest, we all faced the situation where you endlessly stare at your screen and don’t get any work done.

I am Kent and I am the co-founder of Acaboo. We reimagine study books in the digital age. Acaboo is an innovative study book platform that helps students study more effectively.

Four years ago I started my bachelors in business. Just like all of my fellow students I bought all the required books for the first courses and to be honest, those were the last books bought during the entire study. Why? Well, study books are extremely expensive and students are a poor breed.

To fix the problem my co-founder Mikel started this magical dropbox for his studies. For €10 a month all fellow students could join the dropbox and in no time over 90% joined. This made us realize the old system is broken and the idea of Acaboo was born.

We go beyond providing students with just their digital study books. Students have increasing problems with procrastination, lack of concentration and distractions. The rise of smartphones and new media such as Instagram and Snapchat asks more and more from students attention. What most students, myself included, end up doing is working long hours at the end of a semester to rush through their study material.

We transform physical books into digital e-learn courses. We enhance the experience by adding student motivation enhancers such as gamification, accountability and reward systems. We guide students to stay on track through gamification, students can help each other and study together and we teamed up with universities so that teachers are now able to give proper feedback and stimulate students through punishment and reward.

Our e-courses are cheaper than physical books because we cut on distribution and printing costs.

Coming September we will launch our new courses in collaboration with universities and HBO's. We work together with the biggest publishers including Pearson and Sage and together we build the future of education.

We are Acaboo. Let’s reimagine education together. Thank you.

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By Kent de Bruin

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