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Whoever had the problem of procrastination?

Let’s be honest, we all faced the situation wherein the last few days before your exam you still had to do all the work.

There is no motivation, no incentive to actually open that study book and start studying. And the only time students do open that book and read 20 pages in one hour they still feel like they didn’t accomplish anything. Studying isn’t always the most enjoyable task, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am Kent and I am the co-founder of Acaboo. We reimagine study books in the digital age by making studying interactive.

Procrastination has always been an issue. The rise of smartphones and new media such as Instagram and Snapchat asks more and more from students attention. Students nowadays have increasing problems with lack of concentration and distractions.

We go beyond providing students with just their digital study books. We transform physical books into e-learn courses.

On our platform, we enhance the study experience by adding motivation elements. Let’s say you have a difficult math course. Acaboo helps you to stay on track through gamification. Throughout the course, students are guided to do their study work from week to week. Every time you complete a subject you earn points and badges. The study content is interactive so after each chapter, you complete questions to test your new gathered knowledge. Students can also study together and help each other with the more difficult subjects. We teamed up with universities and teachers and teachers are now able to give proper feedback and stimulate students through reward systems. By combining the three motivation enhancers students are actually motivated to do something.

Our e-courses are cheaper than physical books because we can cut on distribution and printing costs. We help publishers with the switch to digital and or the first time they have access to valuable data. We also eliminate the second-hand book market. We standardize the content and add videos, podcasts, and interactive questions to create one unified learning experience. Students can choose their own personalized learning journey.

Coming September we will launch our new courses in collaboration with universities. We work together with some of the biggest publishers including Pearson and Sage to build the future of education together.

We are Acaboo. Let’s reimagine education together. Thank you.

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By Kent de Bruin

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