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Pitch: Acaboo

I am Kent and I am the co-founder of Acaboo.

Roughly 4 years ago I started my bachelors in business In Amsterdam. Just like all of my fellow students I bought all the required books for the first courses and to be honest, those were the last books bought during the entire study. Why? Well, study books are extremely expensive and students are a poor breed.

To fix the problem my co-founder Mikel started this magical dropbox for our course. For €10 a month the fellow students could join the dropbox and in no time over 90% joined. This made me realize the old system is broken and the idea of Acaboo was born.

We started a subscription study book service where students had access to all their study books for an affordable monthly fee. For 20 euro per month, they had access to all the books of their study. Students joined, but while they now had all their books online we were still not solving the real problem.

By talking to our users we found out that books are just a means to an end. The real problem is that students have a hard time studying. The rise of smartphones and new media such as Instagram and Snapchat asks more and more from students attention. Students have increasing problems with procrastination, lack of concentration and distractions. What most students end up doing is working long hours at the end of a semester to rush through their study material. They don’t take the time to let the learnings properly sink in.

That's why we reimagine studying in the digital age. Acaboo is a study platform where students study more effectively. We use three major motivation enhancers to help the student stay on track for their study goals. We guide the student to stay on track through gamification and because students can study together it adds accountability. We teamed up with universities and teachers to give proper feedback and stimulate students through punishment and reward.

Call it studying 2.0. Let's built the future of education together. Let’s reimagine education. Thank you.


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