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MDD interview (1 of 2)

A 60-second pitch about you as a designer. What are your strongest points? How do you work in a team?

My strongest point lies at the intersection of business, design and customer centricity. I have a good understanding of the industry and I would like to innovate on top of that.

Team is everything. Through my time at Hyper Island I really started to see the value of a solid team with people from different backgrounds. After having started with two startups wherein both we had team members with completely different backgrounds.

A 60-second pitch about why have you chosen our program. Why do you want to study with us? What do you expect from us, and what can you contribute to your fellow students?

I thought long about the what degree I would like to pursue. For the last two years, I worked instead. It didn't feel right up to now. But now, that I have seen this master I want to start so badly. It is the perfect mixed between theory and practice. I love the topics, and for me, it is the closest thing to Hyper Island, but then with the academic power of a master of science.

A 60-second plan on what would you like to learn in the near future. It can be about parts of the Master’s programme that are especially interesting to you, or something completely unrelated.

I am going to Bali for 2 months. I will do projects with a group of young ambitious. The goal is to learn new skills. I would love to better my frontend skills. Something I am really looking forward to is Design Sprints. My interests lie in product development. I have experienced first hand the power of sprints. I believe that it is fundamental to designing good products.


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