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HobbyFinder onboarding flow - a UX case (3 of 3)

Sitemap & wireframing It was time to build different prototypes of the possible onboarding flow. We started by making a preliminary sitemap of the onboarding.  It was when we first sketched out the flow for onboarding that we understand that people should only signup for the app after they saw the value of the app. We decided to switch the process around and start with a hobby filter system and only after users choose a new hobby we ask for them to sign up.

We made some first wireframe sketches and this helped us to define the sitemap further.

Wireframes After getting the initial wireframes right, it was rather easy to build out the first wireframes in Figma.

At this point, I turned my focus to branding and establishing a design system. I started by taking a look at the tone of the product. Since HobbyFinder was there to inspire people to do new things, I decided the tone needed to be playful and fun.

I used all these assets to begin transforming the wireframes into high-fidelity designs.

Becoming profitable: HobbyFinder further asked us to come up with product advice to make the app profitable in the future.

We think the biggest problem for the app is the lack of community. HobbyFinder is mostly informational but misses features to let people come back to the app. Right now, once people found their hobby there is no real incentive to keep coming back to the app. We think that making HobbyFinder more social helps in creating that extra value for the user. For example to see if your Facebook friends do the same hobby as you.

Furthermore, there is a huge opportunity to use HobbyFinder as a platform channel. People who are interested in pursuing a new hobby are valuable marketing targets. Companies (including shopping for gear, trainers or organizing events) could pay commissions to promote their products. Of course, we should take into consideration that this ‘content’ is valuable for the end-user. But when the content is targeted well it is a win-win for both sides.

Lastly, I think that HobbyFinder should focus on building partnerships with cities. Cities are becoming more and more anonymous. More and more people are feeling lonely. Apps such as HobbyFinder can create social interactions which are indeed a good way to turn that around.

Conclusion: In the end, I designed a new onboarding flow for HobbyFinder. Find your hobby by choosing from different topics and learn the real value of the app. Start something new, use HobbyFinder.


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