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HobbyFinder onboarding flow - a UX case (2 of n)

Building a persona

Now that we knew our initial problem statement it was time to dig deeper into the target user of HobbyFirst. Right now, HobbyFirst was a curated directory of all kinds of different hobbies. Because proper research into the users was beyond this scope we decided to make a quick estimation instead.


  • Age 15-55.
  • Both men and female.
  • Located in cities and urban environments.
  • Mix of local and expats.
  • People use the platform as a way to meet new people or explore the city.
  • Want to discover something new.
  • Beginners level for the new hobby.


  • Wants to find a hobby quickly
  • Wants to have an overview of what the hobby is.
  • Wants to get inspired
  • Wants to see hobbies based on location
  • Wants to see hobbies based on events


  • They don’t understand the value of the app
  • Users only use the app once, no reason to come back
  • To many choices, overwhelmed by the number of hobbies
  • A lot of hobbies don’t fall into your desired category

Now that we had made some assumptions on the target user it was time to start working on the the onboarding steps.

Identifying the onboarding steps

Now that we had a clear idea of our target user we started on a new onboarding flow. We started by making a list of the different steps that the onboarding flow could have.

The first list we made consists of the following:

  • Explanation of HobbyFinder
  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Location settings (to give tailor-made events)
  • Choose your hobbies

We came to the conclusion that hobbies are far too broad and fall into many different categories. So we decided to add ways to narrow down/filter search results. Some of the results from this little brainstorm where:

  • Choose your interests (such as sports, music, art, and nature)
  • Swipe till you find your desired hobby (Tinder for hobbies)
  • Answer some question to decide what you like.
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