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FACT; four factors that make for ambitious goals (1 of 2)

After closely studying the existing goal setting methods; I distilled FACT; four factors that make for ambitious goals. FACT stands for Frequently Discussed, Actionable, Continuous, and Trackable. Let's see how a goal setting platform could be amplified by this framework:

Frequently discussed: Goals should be embedded in ongoing discussions and talks to stay top of mind. If you re-visit your goals regularly it will be easier to stay focused on them. This includes reviewing progress, regularly be reminded of your goals and discussing and sharing them with friends. In real life the opposite often occurs. in January things are still top of mind, the gyms are packed and people have quit smoking. By February most people forget about their intentions and go back to their old habits and routines.

The problem, people don't keep their goals top of mind. What you want instead is creating a community with likeminded people. A goalsetting platform could amplify discussion by being social in nature. People could share daily progress, reflect on a period and set new intentions. This keeps the goals top of mind and creates a feeling of community.

Actionable: A good goal should be measured on outputs that you can control everyday. It's a common fallacy to come up with a big future oriented goal like "X amount of pageviews" or "Make X amount of profit". While this is a good horizon, it's not focused on how to make progress today. Instead formulate a goal like "write everyday" or "publish every week". Keep things actionable and it you will be able to make progress daily.

A goalsetting platform could help the user reframe its goals to something that is directly actionable. It first asks for a vision, an after that for an action plan to reach that vision.

Let’s say your goal is to grow your newsletter. Here are two versions of the same goal:

“Get to 5,000 subscribers in the next 6 months.”

Instead focus on direct actionability and continuous output. So:

“Publish 25 newsletters over the next 25 weeks.”


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