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Draw Your Buckets (1 of 2)

Everyone starts with the same amount of hours everyday. A billionaire can buy a lot of things, but time isn't one of them. This is probably the biggest equalizer that ever existed. Sure, a rich person could leverage time by putting other people to work, but in the end it allocates the same amount of hours as everyone else.

What you do with that time is different for everyone. It's a choice that everyone consciously or unconsciously makes for themselves. I have decided that I want to be very deliberate about what I spend my time on. I came up with an exercise that helped me to decide on what is important. This is how how it works:


Draw a big circle that represents your entire life. The inside of this circle stands for all the time you have every year. For everyone the size of this circle is the same. That is beautiful thing about time, everyone starts with the same exact number everyday.


Next; draw out the buckets in your life. Buckets are like an umbrella of your projects. My current buckets are creative, work, branding, systemization and personal. Personal includes a lot of smaller buckets including health, friends, family, love, skills, finances, travel and fun. If you brainstormed on your buckets now draw these as circles within your main circle. Each circle represents an area of focus in your life.


Give each bucket a size relevant to how big that topic is in your live. For me this year creativity is a big priority. I see producing creative work as a stepping stone that will have an impact others buckets; my creative bucket is larger than my 'work' bucket. Nuff said; I sacrifice making money, in favor of more creative time.

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