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DGTL festival

Yesterday I went to DGTL festival in Amsterdam. It was my first festival of the year and it was absolutely beautiful weather. 25 degrees, out in the sun and excellent music. Today, the day after has been one of these days where you don't do jack shit. I laid down in the park for a couple of hours but didn't read a word in my book Creativity Inc. The day after a festival is always like this. I tend to not plan anything and just take it very slowly to recover fully.

Something I came across was how little the lineup matters once you are there. Before everyone is looking at it but the moment I arrived I just didn't care anymore. It has probably something to do with my vibe and the fact that I just was chilling with some people. But it still funny. Most people are completely in their own world during a festival. They could literally just put a random person there who was playing some sets. Everyone is on it and enjoying their time.

So what makes a good techno festival? In the buying process, it is definitely the lineup that makes all the difference. A good festival has enough headliners spread out over the different days. What you often see is that one of the days have a better lineup. This can be of influence on the ticket selling. But once you are there it is all about crowd control and infrastructure. Short queues, good food, a spread out location with room to walk around. But probably the most important thing for a festival is the weather. I checked Ticketswap for some of the festivals and the difference in people selling their ticket on good and bad weather days is very high. I guess that in the end for festivals there is also some luck involved....


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