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Designing my life (6 of n)

You will always need to use multiple programs to complete projects. Rather than trying to fit everything into one app it is better to use designated apps for designated proceedings. All my apps use the PARA structure. It doesn’t matter if I am working in my notes or saving a file. I will always have the same structure of projects, areas, resources, and archive. This enables me to focus on the right things at the right moment. I will have the exact same list of projects across all the different apps I use. This enables me to quickly review the progress on a project, make notes about it, and saves files without hassle.

The two most important apps are my to list and notes app. With these two I can get done 90% of the work. From day to day I will probably only look at my projects. On a weekly basis, I will also review my areas and with that maybe review on what I will focus for the next week. Let’s take a closer look:

Things 3 I use the to-do list app Things as the hub of my life. Things is a beautifully designed to do list app by the team of Cultured Code. It is a bit on the pricy side (€60 for the Mac and iPhone app) but I would probably pay double for it as well. It helps me to focus on the things that matter. If you love design, you will love Things 3. You can easily schedule your tasks per day and divide your tasks among your projects. It has this really intuitive way of using designs.

Apple Notes Do you need a notes app? Yes, you need a notes app. It is simply one of the best creative hacks I ever discovered. Making notes has been a keystone habit that helped me in a lot in my thought processes and creative output. By writing things down you can unload your brain and benefit from serendipitous outcomes. You not only make notes for your current self. You make notes for your future self. Trying to solve a problem? It makes a lot of sense to write down the answer wants you had found it. It will stick better and besides that will

So which notes app should you use? It depends. I literally tried them all. From Apple Notes to Evernote to Notion and now back to Apple Notes. It took a long time to find the perfect notes app for me. In the end Apples, native notes applications stick for me because of the simple design, easy way to jot things down and perfect synchronization across devices. I also love Notion but for me, it is a bit too flexible. I end up tweaking the way my Notion looks all the time. With Apple Notes it this really simple way of storing and categorizing my notes. Sometimes simple is simply better.


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