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Designing my life (5 of n)

There are always multiple projects running at the same time. I use a list of current projects as a quick way to see what I am working on. Projects are a great way to test a new idea. The characteristics (deadline, small defined tasks, focused) make it perfect to see if something works. And because you are working towards a goal you simultaneously get this incredible feeling of achieving something every time you finish a project.

Last month I, for example, read something about the benefits of waking up extremely early. Waking up early would give you this productivity boost in the morning. I was sold on the idea and decided to try it for a week. Seven days of waking up at 5:30 sounds doable. This enabled me to quickly test if I liked the idea. If not, I could move on to something else. To remind myself of the new challenge I came up with a project name called ‘the 5:30 challenge’.

I added the 5:30 challenge to my to-do list and notes app to have a designated place to log the project. During the challenge, I got further interested in the science of sleep. I started reading a few articles about the topic and also listened to three podcasts. I also logged my body, productivity, and happiness during the challenge because I wanted to measure how the new sleep rhythm would affect me. Normally the freshly obtained knowledge wouldn’t be stored for later. Now I had a place to store it and reflect on it later.

You will always need to use multiple programs to complete projects. Rather than trying to fit everything into one app it is better to use designated apps for designated proceedings. I use the same list of projects across all the different apps I use. This enables me to quickly review the progress on a project, make notes, and saves files.


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By Kent de Bruin

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