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Designing my life (4 of n)

Just defining your areas is not enough. Areas are too generic and rarely change. They are the fixed foundation. On top of this, we need some building blocks in the form of projects. All my projects are part of an area. Projects are the fuel of my progress. At all times I can use my projects as an overview of what I am working on. Your areas make it easy to set goals for each segment. To build on top of the areas we need to answer the following question:

What do you want to accomplish?

I know that this question sounds vague at first. But if you go through every part of your life, you will be able to find pieces where you could make progress. For example the generic area sports. One of my goals for 2019 is to run a triathlon. Preparing for a triathlon is not an area for me. For now, it’s just a one-time thing I want to accomplish. Let’s break down what we need for that. I need to find a triathlon in the summer, start researching how I need to train for it, do the actual training and finally prepare for the big day. These are all little projects with deadlines. You could call them little sprints. If I start training a week before the triathlon I will be too late. So by planning out beforehand, I know when to start training to be ready in time for the big day.

For example writing: I wanted to write more, actually just start with writing and learn it along the way. I had this goal for over two years. But a goal is just a dream if you cannot transform it into actions. Writing more is way too vague. To bring it to action your need projects. Projects have a fixed deadline with a clear outcome. In December when I planned my upcoming year I decided to make writing a priority. I set the goal to publish at least six articles in 2019. In principle, every article is a project on itself. Even researching for an article or longer essay could be a project. By starting projects you can achieve area specific goals.


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By Kent de Bruin

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