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Design sprint idea

Design sprint

A design sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Often these questions are about potential new products or services, or new features for existing offerings.

Sprint is ideal for the big challenges, for projects that are:

  • high stakes
  • short of time
  • stuck and need a fresh start.

It’s a chance to try high risk/high reward approaches without investing too much time and money. It also lets you concentrate your effort into a short period. And it gives you a structured approach that can jumpstart your creativity and decision making.


The nature of a sprint (5 days) makes it ideal to get something done in a predetermined timeframe. This makes it ideal to do from Bali. One sprint per month should cover our expenses for living in Asia.


  • You charge a company for hosting the entire design sprint. This means 5 days (and night). We won't charge by the hour, but we will do the best for the Client within that timebox — we can sleep later.
  • We can make a package offer for the five days; clients love clarity and it’s possible since we know the exact duration of the Sprint.
  • Charge around 5K - 15K for a full sprint. I think this a reasonable price considering that a typical App budget lies around $150'000+ in the USA, this makes it 10%, so totally worth it).
  • Don’t be too cheap, Sprint has to be some kind of exceptional event. Sometimes, attendees will have to travel a long distance to join. Also, you want the ‘big guys’ (C-level) to consider coming. They won’t if it looks like the typical workday.
  • Where? Either at the companies office or renting a nice business area for the week. Co-working spaces often offer good locations for a team between 5 and 15 people)


  • How many? Sprint is an exciting but tiring process and you will be energy-drained at the end of the week (but proud!). Doing two sprints per months should be enough to cover our basic costs.
  • We can focus on getting clients, building brand and other projects during the time that we are not working on sprints.
  • If we can only manage to get one sprint working per month it could still be successful. A sprint is expensive and one sprint per month should cover our costs.


Do your first Sprint for free (as training) because it’s more likely that you’re gonna suck a bit, just like the first time with anything, which is fine. Test, learn and get comfortable with your process. From that experience, we can take our learnings and built out a landing page. Also focussing on content and brand.


After the sprint, we can offer to work on the production of the sprint outcomes. Offering our knowledge and capabilities in design, development, data sciences and growth hacking.

Since most of the work gets done in these design sprints we can focus on other projects (dropshipping etc) in the remainder of the time.


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