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Exploring - Design nudging (1 of 2)

I am exploring design nudging. So today just a glimpse of that exploration and no real post. I will use this research to build a new post on behavioral design at some point

Do you really need to print: 💡 Wouldn't it be amazing if they would add some design nudging to the print function in Chrome? If you would just add a simple sentence such as "are you sure you need to print this" or "Think twice before printing, save the environment! 🌳".

Digital supermarket nudging Yesterday I talked to this guy who claimed that supermarkets will not sell processed food products containing ingredients that are bad for you. Ignorance is bliss. We still have a long way to go explaining about healthy food choices.

I do believe that sooner or later, one of the big supermarkets will realise that they can actually become a health company, rather than simply logistics/sales.

How difficult would it be for an online food retailer to add a function to find alternatives for the standard items on your shopping list: sugar free, Bio, salt free, gluten free, plastic free...

  1. Slightly change the UI to show alternatives per product.

  2. Some manual labour up front to select healthy alternatives per product.

This part is easy for @picnic @JumboSupermarkt @alberthein

There might be additional business (less margin?) or logistical challenges.

Other examples from a design podcast

  • Airbnb and Uber user rating
  • Shared space achter Amsterdam centraal
  • Beter leven keurmerk
  • Voetstapjes op een roltrap
  • Design van city bikes, made to last
  • Bird scooters to https://www.momkai.com/podcast/over-be%C3%AFnvloeding

Donor ja of nee keuze.

The origins of nudging Wij leven in een vrije, maar uiterst gecompliceerde omgeving die zich ontwikkelt in sneltreinvaart. Iets wel of niet doen heeft niet langer te maken met onwetendheid. We laten alleen de wet ons iets verbieden, we nemen enkel iets aan wanneer daar duidelijke aanwijzingen voor zijn. We zijn meer zelfbewust van onze kennis en vrijheid en laten ons niet zomaar regels opleggen door een ander. Het simpelweg vragen naar het vertonen van het gewenste gedrag is passé.


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