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Packaging Advice into Metrics

I really like software that pushes you towards positive behavior. Technology should serve us, instead of us serving the technology.

One thing that inspired me is the startup Pioneer by Daniel Gross. They aim to package all startup advice into software metrics like finding users, revenue benchmarks, hiring and fundraising. Their tool called Launcher helps founders find product-market fit. It's software that tracks your progress as you find your first few users, keep them engaged, and bring your product to life.

What is triggering me here is their aim to 'Packaging Advice into Metrics'. This is an interesting way to look at product development. What is the software equivalent to a non fiction selfhelp book? There are definitely arguments on why books don't work. Maybe the answer to that question is packaging good advice into the products itself.

One such product is the Oura Ring. I have been using an Oura Ring since the start of the year. Oura gives you health advice based on your personal sleep, heart rate, temperature and activity data. Rather than presenting me with a large amount of datapoints, Oura teaches me how to live more healthy. Through that I've become more aware of my behavior.

In the morning you get an overview of your last night sleep. If your sleep was restless it presents you with ways to improve it. For example by winding down in the evening or going to bed at a consistent time. You get a gentle notification when you have been sitting still for too long, prompting to go for a short walk.

Before using the product I had my doubts. Do I want technology telling me how I feel in the morning? No one wants a robot saying what you should do. But Oura gives 'advice' in a way where the technology doesn't feel intrusive at all. You can feel that the product is build on a foundation of 'living a healthy live'. The product feels guided by a set of rules. Similar to Pioneer it packages advice into metrics and it is doing that in a very healthy way.

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