1 year ago for day 98, 2019 with 325 words.

Brand swag Acaboo

1/ IT’S ALL ABOUT FOUNDERS Who are you? Give us 3 words to describe each of you. Mikel: Keto fast, health freak, blockchain Kent: Apple, tennis, brand whore Mark: Geek, double chocolate milk, BLIEEP

Who does what in your startup? Mikel: CEO, funding, Sales, business strategy, financials, dealmaking Kent: Product, marketing, user research, branding, product, business strategy Mark: CTO, Dev, security, legal, office, tech

What are your values? Your beliefs and your battles? Always exploring, growth mindset, user-first What is driving you to build your start-up? Reimagining the education and book publishing industry.

2/ PRODUCT What problem does your startup solve? Students procrastination Which awesome brands/products inspire you the most for your startup? Notion, Coursera, Homerun, Blendle Which interface do you find ultra-swag? Explain why. Notion: Clean and simple design

3/ DECRYPT A TASTE OF YOUR STARTUP If your startup were a film it would be... Interstellar If your startup were a clothing brand it would be... Samsoe & Samsoe If your startup were a famous character/person it would be... Albert Einstein If your startup were a city it would be... New York, always exploring, think bigger. If your startup were a color it would be… Matisse Blue If your startup were a music/song it would be... David August If your startup were an animal it would be… Elephant, great mind If your startup were a religion it would be. . . Minimalism

4/ TARGET Who are the users/ clients that you are targeting? Students Who is using your startup today? A couple of students

5/ STEPS Where are you now? Describe your steps from now on to the next 3 months Currently in building mode. In September we would like to launch with new study courses. Instead of a subscription model we now push for individual paid courses. The biggest hurdle right now is working together with teachers. If we have teachers to work with the product will sell itself.


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By Kent de Bruin

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