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Able: a modular crypto dashboard (3 of 3)

“How can we enable new investors to do the same?”

New proposition: With our new research, we formulated a new goal: New crypto users enter the market with no proper understanding of investing. Professional investors raise the probability of good returns by following specific steps. How can we create an environment so retail investors can do the same?

Debrief: How can we push new retail investors to make better investment decisions?

Goal: Create a platform for new crypto investors. We help them get ahead in the game quickly so they become better investors.

  • Learning about the market and the underlying technology
  • Choosing a strategy
  • Improving operational security
  • Knowing how to filter and digest information
  • Sync your entire system automatically
  • Create a personal dashboard with tools that keep you productive

An intuitive crypto portfolio application Able is an intuitive crypto portfolio application for retail investors. It offers a suite of tools within a clean dashboard that makes it easy to analyze your portfolio, research new opportunities, and organize your investment work.

Able gives retail crypto investors the tools to invest like a pro:

  • Clear overview of your Portfolio and charts for perspective.
  • Force yourself to think about fundamentals
  • Force yourself to make a strategy and hold on to that
  • Manage risk and upgrade operational security
  • Learning intuitively with our framework

Remarks We tested the new product under our initial user base and people liked it a lot. We gathered a lot of feedback with the initial user base of around 80 people which gave us valuable information to further development. Combining product roadmap features with engineering capabilities can be though. Due to constraints in development capabilities, we had to build this product lean. Building a product with such constraints can be challenging but also enabled us to think creatively. We launched the product in October 2018 on ProductHunt.

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