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Rediscovering my love of practice

I loved skateboarding as a kid. I would spend hours and hours by myself outside practicing and trying to learn new tricks. It was just such a simple process and outcome. You attempt a new trick, usually the first hundred or so attempts are not even close, but slowly you start to notice small improvements. You start to see the board spinning a little faster, a little higher each time and you gain more control over what you're trying to do. But it was only from reacting to so many failed attempts that I could ever learn how to successfully land something new.

I know this is not a new revelation in any sense, practice makes you better, who would have thought? But what I've realized recently and that never occurred to me is how valuable that dedicated practice time was. As i get older (in my 30's now) I realize that I don't really have a practice like that anymore. I certainly don't view my practice time through the same lens that I used to. An hour spent not landing any tricks was totally fine, it was expected, I could still leave that session feeling satisfied. I've tried and failed many times to develop a successful writing habit. Each time I hit a road block or don't have a fresh idea I usually walk away and chalk it up no creative inspiration.

I hope this process is a return to my roots in some sort of way. A way to not only express myself differently than I have before, but to re-connect with that love of practice. To give myself permission to show up and understand that if I don't produce a perfectly coherent article, that's still ok, it's expected. I'm excited for this journey and community and look forward to practicing along side you.


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By Josh Bretow


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