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This is my second attempt at writing a post today! I originally got to my desk at about 9 in the morning and ended up writing 1,000 words, but it was one of those writing days where I took two separate unproductive detours in the writing and ended up with something absolutely not post-able. Nothing especially private, in fact, it's material that may lead to a longer piece. Just not anything I can put directly on the internet after a single writing session.

I started off with the usual nonsense that gets me going but then remembered an idea I had last night. I finished the Liszt biography right before bed and had the idea of writing a summary of the entire 3-part biography in the form of key scenes from it. I think this could make for a pretty compelling longer piece, but round about 600 words in, I realized I hadn't even gotten to his first wife and children. Clearly not something I'm going to complete in just one session.

So I had to set it aside and go about my errands, a little shopping, a haircut, my laundry, lunch. And now here I am knocking out a quick entry to keep the WT streak alive.

I have to say that I do think Write Together has served its purpose for me, in that I originally came here in order to re-establish a habit of daily writing, and also to re-establish a certain amount of comfort with writing for an audience, as a way of easing back into publishing my writing more widely -- which I hadn't really done at all for seven years before yesterday, when I published my first Medium story as a "Medium Partner". That said, I think I'm going to keep my account going here because I enjoy this little community, and the streak does remain a useful prompt to write at least something on days when I otherwise wouldn't even write a private journal entry.

I've been mirroring all my posts here over on my website for a couple weeks now, mostly as a matter of archiving them permanently in case Write Together disappears at some point. I have been thinking about republishing all of them over there with the same time stamps, but that sounds like an awful lot of work for no obvious benefit. It makes me wonder whether there is a tool here for exporting one's data. For some reason that seems like a big ask for a tiny site like this, but then I don't know much about the technical side of that problem.

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